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Fisher Gallery 132SnakeSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Mehron Logo - 2Black Corset IIIIMG_4035painting victorias secret_DSC2983sSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006AOM-Movie0045modelsBodyPaintDon't Read The TabloidsNo te muevasYellowsHypnotic HandFace and Body Art Conference 16RedLambretta july/august 1968 calendar page #2460Body Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007Kona 4Bodypainting, Birmingham Pride 2005Bodypainting Hamburg 1993Face and Body Art Conference 55Face and Body Art V 8SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006DSC_4778.jpgWater Nymph 5diwataTake in the sundream momentumFlower GirlMagrittesqueGreen girl on the swingTrifectaCalifornia - Long Beach International Tattoo FestivalTerminatrix III_DSC3041sHår og skjønnhet 2007_DSC3115sKona 7FreedomBody Paint 2Claire, Koro Care 2005body_painting3Once again.. muscles, but blue! and more shiny!IMG_4834final touch at 6 pm.ContrastsmurfetteGrrrr!Body Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007Face and Body Art Conference 42First stages of the painting at 9 am.make-upBlue faceout-takestarry nightbatgirlIMG_5047The MolesterSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006 Superman Returnsme and the sunrise/sunsetstraight from HellPanagbenga 2007Element #100_DSC3063s16_Hot TshirtFace and Body Art Conference 76Goings on at Freidrichstrasse S-Bahn station, BerlinFirst stages, painting scalesHarlequin 3pics 007MiauwIntrospection at CarnivalDSC02015 - Lucy getting painted - How Weird Street Faire (San Francisco)Face and Body Art Conference 12hold the stick ...Body pics 011Silver ManHCC dagen 2006Kona 6All the pretty horsesIMG_481120005-burning-man-2006 - Kirstin - with body paint - Stencil airbrush - PortraitUrban faerie 4Painting hands all over her bodyBeautiful in silverWhite-out girls posing in front of Joe's statueFusion-compPICT0101bestPICT0248Women with Body Paint - 6 Pink Floyd Album CoversMake-Up Trialalien riderKlimt Triplets_DSC3004svarga bbq 93Gazelle #469Urban faerie 2mind your own business...shower scream sceneErotica Expo 06etherealDr She'Paint my Body IIMAQUILLAJE CORPORAL 5Klimt Tripletswaiting for "it"Pub bleu6Smoking blue devilBodypaint¿Te apetece un dulce?Glam shinePainting, painting and painting some more...wearing glamour and glitterCalifornia - Long BeachHCC dagen 2006A Modern EraFire on IceLeopard LookDangling020Red and gold girlJewelslean back deeptiFemTrooper Bodypaintdesert danceThe Body Art BallPaint mY Body IIYou!Nearly doneKlimt Triplets IMG_4877Face and Body Art Conference 51Bodypaint 2006 120-1_DSC2953sdancersSoccer crowd, abovetagged again!RachaelBlue Sadness oneSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Panagbenga 2007Between above and belowWorkin it ;-)Kona 2Klimt TripletsPainted Body Art - The Calgary Fringe Festival (Janice)painted ladiesSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Adding loads of glitter!SKIN @ The MarkbrunetteFace and Body Art Conference 43GabiAll the bodypaints!Colour Splash_DSC3042sruby throatArtscape2006002_673blondYoga ManCuerpos PintadosstatueFlower GirlPICT0080SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006WhiteHungry crock!Artscape2006019Castlefest - devilinblack and white bodypaintingMaskBody Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007_DSC3077schristchurch casinoWadda ya want?DSC_4761.jpgFire 3AKASHA FESTIVAL 2007 : PEOPLENancy - Body Paint2004 14 augustus FFWD Danceparade 0450SteelIncredibl-E 1.K.C.U.F.DSC02000 - Lucy getting painted - How Weird Street Faire (San Francisco)bodypaint_017Face and Body Art Conference 44Face and Body Art Conference 4_DSC3145sTo be and Ocelot... Part 1Water Nymph 6Shining StarsP1120139MCDSC02064IMG_5116Scarlet & Fett-Norwescon 2006Golden CleopatraBlack Corset IIGC_001Sports Fan  #42M.A.C. Body Painting Artbovenlichaam2 (Small)Purple woman waiting to startNine months pregnant_DSC3048sTorsostatue3painted lady tummysnick the airbrush artist's designAC2005Face and Body Art Conference 13Masquerade party2Face and Body Art Conference II 5RwandaRefugeCuerpos Pintados en La SerenaFace and Body Art Conference 72DSC_4783.jpgFire 4Harlequin 5Urban faerie 5Face and Body Art Conference 46DSC_4785.jpgBlue FairyLeopard Girl 2Club 1234  TribalBlack CorsetIMG_3227Calgary Fringe Festival 2006 (5)SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Soccer crowd, above (the stand alone [best] shot of series)ebony figure [down town New Orleans Essence Festival]Arun, the Brahmachari - interesting story ;) IMG_4828Week 19: Arnar GrantIMG_4034_DSC3133sPaint my Body IISYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Cuerpos Pintados en La Serena1-94.jpgdeepti headlessAurora # 158TopengI Can See YouClose up of pectoralsit peelsCup DayBodypaint for NY Gay Pride 2006Klimt Triplets008FrozenFace and Body Art Conference 636.14.07Celestial BlueGobblins in the GardenMasquerade party1blue muscles and umm, red girl thingyFacePaintSpray Body Painting IKlimt TripletsKawana 152Body Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007Richard Herd & KellyJaye2-0574Dance in redPaint Your FaceSaturday: 365: orange & blueFace and Body Art Conference 75Re Anon #243365 - day 51IMG_4046Face and Body Art Conference 15Face and Body Art Conference 74DSC_4784.jpgNew YearLepreCon 33 (26)Body Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007Kona 5FAILED   -FHarlequin 2Masquerade partyIMG_1656temporary tattoo SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Sydney Body Art RideIMG_5130Face and Body Art Conference 7Flower Fairyblue handFetish Prom 2007Paint my Body IIBody Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007TerminatorCalgary Fringe Festival 2006 (3)Painted Body Art - The Calgary Fringe Festival (Krysten)make-uppilarBody Painting by Alders Studio and JayAlders.comEcosse2 beers if you want to take my photoPainted Body Art - The Calgary Fringe Festival (Krysten)IMG_2209Water 6she said it's going to be a parrot.Body Paint at Carnaval 2005 San Francisconick the airbrush artist's designFESTA MOKA/MODACASAKaren_DSC3117sKlimt Tripletspics 006Klimt TripletsCuerpo En ColorSouth Beach MiamiFire 2go on...i dare you to tickle himWhite Corset IIfake bodypainting girl from GdanskSKIN @ The MarkPC315235SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Moko Jumbies book 10Fusion #83Candy 193Undressed to Sailmodels_2Make-Up TrialSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006bodypaint, frontSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006The Pallivatta Story...White Corsetpainted keina1-85.jpgCHINESE DRESS @ M.A.C PARTY 上海Reality ShocksEye makeupCuerpos Pintados en La Serenawater angelSilverLove this shotMore Fun Then It LooksSuspendersbathtubs are for washoutsGolden Girl IIIMG_4861Face and Body Art Conference 73Panagbenga 2007Voor huisgenoot de bodypainter gedaanDSC_4786.jpgFaces of AliwanHuman Sprout Surprise_DSC3060sHår og skjønnhet 2007church roadEspiralPaint mY Body IIBodypaint-0118Trolley27-04-02 | austin | eeyore | silvermanvulcanoIMG_4842Who's AL?egs2005 037Día 268 . Cuerpos PintadosSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Mambo4Team Purple charges into the seaBodypainted Models @ Int'l Horror Film Fest - Tempe AZ Oct 2006 (4)Bodypainted Models @ Int'l Horror Film Fest - Tempe AZ Oct 2006 (5)silver bodypainting sticker faceClaire Koro care 2005.. raise money for the kids ;-)Pink CaptainachtergrondSnake womanSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006_DSC3021sP1120147I - Wild blue invert Fire 1Water 5Terminatrix IDay 39 - Happy CherriesP1120135MC3IPurplesIMG_2228bovenlichaam1Chief Marshal002WraithpinnedtothemistKona 1At the Hare Krishna Festival, London_DSC3137s_DSC2958sTarzanCalgary Fringe Festival - Painted Body Art (Janice)nes?Cuerpos PintadosBodypaintMardi Gras BoobiesKona 3The Berryman of ReadingP1120147B - Marie France Forcierbody paintingwith tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls,pics 008Body Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006iamFilipinaIMG_4048Body Painting Festival - Seeboden 2007IMG_4840Kawana168burning-man-2003 - diana_portraitHarlequin 1this corset is painted onLepreCon 33 (24)refuge: body artGreen TeamPainted Girls against BushCalgary Fringe Festival 2006 (1)burning-man-2003 - head-maze_DSC3039sSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Face and Body Art Conference 65_DSC3142sWater Nymph 9Bubblesaudience...body art_reviewblog.cn_10PICT0101Face and Body Art Conference 45India Cacique ReinaFeeling WickedDSC00687 - burning man 2007 - Red manAprilBlue WavesHands in the AirDSCN0408.JPGPink Floyd Bodypaintchristchurch casinoHold the PhoneBurning Man 2004Fusion #83IMG_8087.JPGBody painted during Fantasy Fest 2005 in Key WestFace and Body Art IV 350Key West - Fantasy Fest 2007 Noelleweb002Body PaintKey West - Fantasy Fest 2007Face and Body Art IV 101painting an artworkIMG_7855.JPGFace and Body Art Conference II 22Face and Body Art Conference 7Ensaio para a revista Rolling StoneReady to party? have a drink, Key WestIMG_8259.JPGCall WaitingIMG_7852.JPGBody art, Key west, fantisy fest, body paintPink Floyd Covers BodypaintGot Mondrian?     27/366 (Self)Mardi Gras 2007Mondrian Muah for Kiss Tuesday!Two wise men celebrate Shiva's birthdayFace and Body Art Conference II 53Where will she go?body art_reviewblog.cn_11Airsilver bodypainting sticker faceIMG_7867.JPGBodypaint 010IMG_9107.JPGIMG_9019.JPGfresh paint, body.IMG_9058.JPGFace and Body Art Conference II 45The MolesterFlower GirlMiriamFace and Body Art IV 154Camarote Bar BrahmaBody Paint - CarolineBodyFX Body PaintingLifeless Soul of the PartyLeroy Roper TarotIMG_8984.JPGBodypainting, Birmingham Pride 2005944_Vanguard_58Figure 2Pink Angel, Body paint, Key West FLMay QueenExxxotica 2007IMG_8851.JPGpashur9 image010IMG_7463.JPGMardi Gras 2007IMG_9103.JPGFace and Body Art Conference 72 Klimt TripletsFace and Body Art III 68Body paintBody2Incredibl-E 1sexy carpenter x 5BodypaintBodypaint ContestCamarote Bar BrahmaFace and Body Art III 37100_3985.JPG Karime as Cheetarabodypaintdyptich9Bodypainting EchseFantasyFest2005_067school girlsSuspendersPuerto Rican Flagimage011The Halloween pumpkin bellySolstice Stalking the ShooterBodyPaint9SuperBowlSun 058IMG_2380.JPGEarth 6Little Miss Japan, with Body Painted Key West 07IMG_8395.JPGFremont Solstice Silver CyclistSanctuary- by Leroy RoperLevity party photos.K.C.U.F.Mardis GrasBodypaint 2006 167-1sexy carpenterSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006IMG_7930.JPGbody art_reviewblog.cn_06SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006Morgan wings 6Chinese Fashion Show 3IMG_8225.JPGGothic Vogue LiveTigerwho's the guy in red following the painted angeldemon 2lo ke se perdio la Cosmibanner bearerBodypaintFace and Body Art III 81On becoming meat (315/365)UnicornFace and Body Art IV 222WraithpinnedtothemistFace and Body Art Conference II 17Earth 4Nearly donePaparazzi Madness! DSCN0423.JPGimage006Bodypaint-0118mind your own business...PixiesSecret IdentityApril1998IMG_8203.JPGIMG_8767.JPGIMG_8274.JPGIMG_7590.JPGChinese Fashion Show 4Fantasy Fest 2006 - That paint is cold!SuperBowlSun 07Blair O'Neal and her friend Mary LouIMG_7526.JPG005BodyPaint12SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006 CarnavalA Modern EraP6180696Face and Body Art Conference II 5DSCN0451.JPGBig Heart IMG_7911.JPGI draw the picture in the body.Golden Girl Mermaid944_Vanguard_66Marilyn002Fantasy Fest 2006 - Fantasy Fest FlexMasquerade partyBodypainting IcecoldFantasyFest2005_106Me again..image012Week 19: Arnar GrantGothic Vogue LiveATT54621April Body PaintedBody ArtdemonIMG_8014.JPGIMG_0326Earth 2Blueblack and white bodypainting IMG_7780.JPGChris and the Bodypainted ModelsWorkin it ;-)Bodypaint de linceC H I P S shivaIMG_8551.JPGFlower Child bovenlichaam2 (Small)Women with Body Paint - 6 Pink Floyd Album CoversSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006 Painted friends, Key West FL on a hot nightIMG_8908.JPGFace and Body Art Conference II 12202/365- Bloom by meAdorned hamar girlMardi Gras 2007IMG_7877.JPGburning-man-2003 - head-mazePainted White, what's she looking for? Hope it doesnt rain.Día 268 . Cuerpos PintadosFace and Body Art IV 229Week 32: Sævarruby throatmelona Face and Body Art III 86DSCN0446.JPGdrink Milk, paint on key westDSCF0771solsticeparade_2007_74IMG_9099.JPGKey West - Fantasy Fest 2007FieryMuchachitasIMG_7455.JPGBodypaintFace and Body Art III 1Key West - Fantasy Fest 2007me, i'm notIMG_8116.JPGbodypaintkeep runningFace and Body Art IV 15Paint me!IMG_8211.JPGsolsticeparade_2007_173 body art_reviewblog.cn_08Ohio GirlFace and Body Art Conference II 28For Gale Franey, because she asked. And asked. ;-)solsticeparade_2007_152 Claire, Koro Care 2005Painted LadiesBodypaintbestPICT0248D-Con 39Body OrangeMaskbody art_reviewblog.cn_02Bodypaint 2006 161BodyPaint11fireworks bodypaintBokke 04Me and the painted ladiesTigerFremont Solstice SkeletonPainted Body Art - The Calgary Fringe Festival (Krysten)Body Painting by Alders Studio and JayAlders.comDualidad_MargaretBodypaint de mariposaFremont Solstice Swirly Cyclistbodypaint4BodyPaint5DSC02064Face and Body Art IV 126Masquerade party1Haloween2005 Fremont Solstice Parade 01etherealKona 7IMG_7555.JPGdrink jack kiss danielIMG_7514.JPGFantasyFest2005_079Face and Body Art IV 333image007IMG_7447.JPGKlimt TripletsHalloween FunKlimt TripletsFace and Body Art Conference 12Bloom by Leroy RoperIMG_8187.JPGBody PaintIMG_9055.JPGbodypaint UVB 2007Face and Body Art Conference II 31TarzanFace and Body Art IV 28BodyPaint32005 Fremont Solstice Parade 13Mardi Gras 2007Bodypaint IIsave the armpitBodypaint de linceIMG_4032The Pallivatta Story...One of the more popular ladies at M.O.M.'s Ball 2008breathing water100_3662.JPGKey West - Fantasy Fest 2007DSCN0449.JPGConey Island - 2007 Mermaid Parade - Painted LadyBodypaint Leiapainted manChoose your poisonPiercedIMG_8081.JPGgold in silverIMG_8099.JPGWhite RiderBody-Painting FestivalFace and Body Art Conference II 48fantasy fest 99mardis gras 2007IMG_7479.JPGMercedesSilver Mermaidspainted ladyMermaid, Yellow, HappyFace and Body Art Conference II 4SYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2006at work...Fremont Solstice Sun BikerKlimt TripletsBodypaint de mariposaBody paintingFace and Body Art III 28April Body PaintedMy WinnerAnkh-Su-NamunDSCN0511.JPGIMG_8158Tigresrelhips008ebony figure [down town New Orleans Essence Festival]BodyPaint2DSC00156you make my blue jeans bleuGreedDSC00157Kona 1Body painting at the K showIMG_7553.JPGIMG_7790.JPGKill BillIMG_8515.JPGFantasyFest2005_071M.A.C. Body Painting ArtAprilFantasyFest2005_068map of a karate lover's feetshow off, latina body paint Key west IMG_7885.JPGNancy - Body PaintErotica Expo 06Self Portrait - Body PaintFace and Body Art III 99MercedesIMG_9029.JPGdesert danceLe ali ai piedi :)TopengBodypainting - Queen of Winterbody art_reviewblog.cn_03IMG_9251.JPGWhite LeopardBodypainting EisfeePICT0054with tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls,Two Sadhus in Pashupatinath, Nepalsbar2007-234Photokina Bodypaint 02Barbie ManYou are Mr. PinkFace and Body Art Conference II 11sbar2007-089Painted Flowers, Key West,BodyPaint13Face and Body Art IV 38Body-paint 2006 165Audience in a winning game...IMG_7879.JPGKlimt TripletsBodyPaint4Face and Body Art IV 1212005 Fremont Solstice Parade 09MercedesSlave Leia in bodypaint and chain-mail bikini chickA holy manKlimt TripletsKey West - Fantasy Fest 2007solsticeparade_2007_173Blue Waves100_3985.JPG 006AprilIncredibl-E 1school girlsBodypainting IcecoldBodyPaint10image010DSCN0451.JPGFantasy Fest 2006 - That paint is cold!FieryWorkin it ;-)audience in a losing game...BodyPaint12painting an artworkPainted LadiesHold the PhonePuerto Rican FlagNaked ArtGATTAMidwest Haunters Convention 003paintedMelody Thornton Version02Pirata y legalNaked Art20070409-16964-2Imperial DominationEarth 6Gloriabodyart_09BodypaintingNaked Artcalzar comodo en verano42-16195627Maskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival VenraypaintFleurs bleuescloneBody-Painting FestivalTIGER.Indigeno.couldn't afford HeidiIMG_0882Naked ArtMaskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival Venraypaintedburning-man-2003 - head-mazemydogcansighsNaked Bike Ride 05Naked ArtNewcastle UnitedMaskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival VenrayNaked Artearththreat - Mark Greenwalt bodypaintingMaskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival VenrayHermanitos Argentinos!little heartMaskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival VenrayBLACK LIGHT 0984Sun TigerThe NM Chile Will Do That To Ya...Maskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival Venraybodyart_08Naked ArtBody paintingBodypainting, Birmingham Pride 2005Smile like Heaven!International Bodyfestival 2006 Seeboden Kärntenstay proudFusion #83body painting @ Barlivemetamorfosiblue_comfortBodyPaintingMaskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival Venraybodyart reptileNaked ArtAction Painting - Backside colorNaked ArtMaskerade: Bodypainting and Living Statues Festival Venrayhiromidfw_smSpokesBlue 01La Femme de Glacecuerpo pintadoBodypainting Black & WhiteBody artThe artistPUB USBPF P9222114edge meltingWhen Dragons Look Shybodyart_04Body painting_DSC0207 copyFire 5World Bodypainting Festival 2007Naked Artbodypainting2Animal TalkFIKAE  (20 of 27)Naked ArtSavage shoreBODYPAINTINGFire 3poison_ivy  008.jpgSYDNEY BODY ART RIDE - 2007Pullman City - Gigantentreffen 2007 -  Body PaintingMalibu GirlNaked Artdimensioni opposteNaked ArtMiami Premiere Body Paintingorange twoDORATATeam Purple charges into the seaNaked ArtJoriDSC_0177_2_2Neon Another Khidabpainting on both handsFacepainting PortraitZebraBodypainting Meerjungfrau.BodypaintingMy first belly paintingFIKAE  (27 of 27)MiekeBodypaintingDrucila 2body artJames IIBodypainting ElfeBodypainting Aprés SkiIMG_5488Bodypainting ItalienFIKAE  (12 of 27)Bodypainting Flying Moon - KatanaMimiBodypainting SpeciesdividereFIKAE  (16 of 27)crescere insiemeBodypainting DarknessSurrenderingBoink girlsMother earthThe Halloween pumpkin bellySurma boyBody Painting fertigbodypainting phillies utley jerseybodypainting phillies utley jerseyBodypainting Seebodenbodypaintingbodypainting in AustriabodypaintingBodypaintingBodypainting flowersBodypaintingBody PaintingBodypainting SeebodenBodypainting Festivalbodypainting fait par weavebody graffitiFace paintingBody painting by grove city show artistBeautiful Body Paintingeffect girlErotic Body Paintingbody painting showGirl of the NightBody Paintingbody painting eagles jerseyFootball Body PaintBody paint debate covered up, for nowSouth Africa Body Paintingson did Body PaintingThe Karo excel in face and body paintingModel in a body painting showSports Face